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Addiscombe Safer Neighbourhood Team


There are many dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) across the London Borough of Croydon and they are an advisory panel made up of members of the community who live or work within each ward. This panel meets regularly to discuss the concerns facing the local community around crime and anti-social behaviour, and sets the priorities the local police team will tackle. They also get involved in working with the police team and local partner agencies such as the council to find lasting solutions to these priorities.

Visit the Ward Panel website for more info.

To find out more about crime in your area and your local Safer Neighbourhood Team please see here for more info.

There are many ways to contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team, below.

Phone: 020 8721 2473

Twitter: @MPSAddiscombe

Facebook: Addiscombe Police


Residents receiving advice from our local Safer Neighbourhood Team

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