Revitalising East Croydon

 Communities (RECC)

East Croydon is a bustling location in which to live and work, well served by independent businesses, with unrivalled transport links. Sadly long disused land either side of the train station is limiting the potential of the area and failing local residents’ aspirations. The majority of people, fed up with redevelopment projects stalling, want to see East Croydon become a vibrant, prosperous place.

Revitalising East Croydon Communities is a resident led action group formed of such people, to give a voice to needs and concerns about forthcoming redevelopment and influence the future of the place where we live.

RECC was formed early in June 2011 within 24 hours of a public meeting in opposition to the Menta planning application 11/00981/P to build on Cherry Orchard Road. The meeting united Conservative MP Gavin Barwell, Labour councillors, Liberal Democrat and Green Party representatives with 100 residents, all speaking for redevelopment and the majority (80%) speaking out against Menta’s plans.

RECC encourage all residents, small businesses, and the town’s major employers to join together to bring about revitalization of our area and our people through acceptable levels of development.

RECC is for everyone who lives, trades, works, commutes, and wants to enjoy the area and is focused on improving it for the short and longer term.

To be heard, to give your support or to find out more please contact us at

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