Changes to Police Counter Services

From Monday, 19 August, there will be new opening hours for public front counters and contact points across the borough.

This will mean that there will be one 24-hour front counter service at Croydon Police Station. A new public front counter service will also open at Berin Underwood House, in Windmill Road, Selhurst, which will be open from 10:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday inclusive.

A further five contact points across the borough will be open every Wednesday and Thursday evening between 19:00 and 20:00 and every Saturday afternoon between 14:00 and 15:00.

The five contact points will be at:

    • Norbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team Base, 1342-1344 London Road, Norbury, SW16 4DG
    • Thornton Heath Safer Neighbourhoods Team Base, 2 Parchmore Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 8LU
    • New Addington Safer Neighbourhoods Team Base, 42 Central Parade, New Addington, CR0 0JD
    • Purley Safer Neighbourhoods Team Base, 9-11 Whytecliffe Road South, Purley, CR8 2AY
    • Addington Police Station, Addington Village Rd, Croydon, CR0 5AQ

Anti-Social Behaviour - Frequently Asked Questions

The Metropolitan Police have provided a list of FAQs regarding anti-social behaviour that may be useful for residents if they do not know what to do or what can be done if they witness any ASB. The list can be downloaded here.



Welcome to the latest edition of the Addiscombe Update Metropolitan Police. We would like to you updated about crime and policing information in the Addiscombe area.

Local police officers, together with the ward panel members for Addiscombe have set two ‘ward promises’. These promises are what your local policing team will focus their efforts on in order to reduce crime in the area.

Contact your Addiscombe local policing team on 020 8721 2473 and Addiscombe@met.police.uk and the most recent newsletter can be found here - SNT Newsletter Addiscombe April 



A new smart phone app will allow the public to report crimes directly to the police.  Every year hundreds of thousands of crimes - including burglary, theft and violent attacks - go unreported because victims can’t be bothered with the ‘hassle’ of calling the police.

And last year around half a million calls to the non-emergency 101 number went unanswered because operators were busy.

The free app, which is named ‘Self Evident’, allows users to report the crime without making the call.  The information - including the location of the crime, when it happened and the victim’s personal details are then passed on to their local beat bobby or the police headquarters.

The app was the idea of charity Witness Confident, which was set up to help improve relations between the public and the police.

Guy Dehn, the charity’s director, said he hoped the app would improve levels of unreported crime and ensure the police get all the details they need.

Self-Evident makes it easy for the public to report crime, make statements and file evidence with the police simply and securely.

 ‘Mobile technology is an incredibly powerful tool and this app will put that power in the public’s hands so they can help cut crime in their area.’

Self Evident is available to download for free from Android and iTunes app stores.  An introduction to the app and its uses is available at:   www.witnessconfident.org

In London and Northumbria, crime reports filled in on the app will be sent to the police headquarters.  Elsewhere, the data is sent directly to the neighbourhood police team via the police.uk website.

The charity estimates that some 406,000 victims of crime do not report what happened to them because of the inconvenience


The Local Policing Model is restructuring the way borough policing is delivered, aiming to provide stronger focus on local officers tackling local issues of crime and antisocial behaviour, alongside emergency response teams dealing with urgent 999 calls and specialist CID units dealing with more complex and serious crime investigations. Whilst 15 out of the remaining 16 boroughs will ‘go-live’ with the new model on 16 September, Croydon will be implementing the new model on Monday 7 October. 

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams [SNT’s] are changing. With more officers and additional responsibilities, SNT’s will take a stronger approach to catching criminals and protecting communities. Using their detailed local knowledge, SNT’s will now be responsible for investigating neighbourhood crime, tackling those that cause harm to our communities and reducing anti-social behaviour [ASB]. SNT’s will be more visible with officers on patrol later into the evenings, over the weekends and at peak times.

There are also new ways to contact the police. Victims of crime, or those who wish to speak with a local police officer, can make an appointment at a time and place convenient to them. Croydon has already opened its new contact points as well as introducing a new front counter service at Berin Underwood House, Windmill Road. Croydon police station will remain open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The 101 telephone number will remain for non-emergencies and the public will be able to request a visit from a local officer within 48 hours. In an emergency there is the 999 system that answers nearly five million calls a year - 93 per cent in ten seconds or less.

Croydon Borough Commander Chief Superintendent David Musker said: “These changes will, ultimately, help us to deliver a better and more efficient police service to the public of Croydon and I am extremely optimistic that we will be able to further reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in the borough. The new policing model gives us more flexibility to use our resources in the places we need them, to target the crimes and issues affecting local communities.  “We have received some 50 new recruits over the summer months here in Croydon, so we are adopting the new model a little later than other boroughs in order to give our new officers bit more time to acclimatise to policing in the borough.”

The full list of locations, maps and opening hours of police stations, contact points and deployment bases for all London boroughs can be found on the MOPAC website


The Met has launched an anonymous online questionnaire around Stop and Search to see if the community feels it is being treated fairly and professionally if stopped by the police.

See http://www.met.police.uk/stopandsearch/ 

We all want our neighbourhood to feel and be safe.
To this end, the Association keeps in touch with our Local Community Officers and maintains a good dialogue. If you have any concerns or points you would like raised, please let us know and we will ensure that they are discussed. Please read their most recent newsletter.

See the most up to date crime statistics for the Chase area. Also see here:- http://www.police.uk/ for crime statistics wherever you are.

Your local Safer Neighbourhood Team hold surgeries where local residents can raise issues, get advice and meet the team. Click on the link and scroll down..... Police Surgeries

'The Little Book of Big Scams' may be of benefit to you: it has been published by the Specialist Economic Crime Directorate, part of the Metropolitan Police Service's Operation Sterling Team and explains some of the most common frauds operating today. Whilst primarily aimed at senior citizens and those classed as vulnerable we are all susceptible to fraud. Copies are available from http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalert/

The Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command is investigating malicious communications sent to a number of addresses in UK - see here for further details

Two current issues, especially relevant to the Chase Residents area, is the currently high number of burglaries and theft of and from motor vehicles.

We can all make it harder for the thief:-

  • make sure you lock all doors and windows when you go out
  • don't leave valuables in your vehicle
  • currently, the favourite access point is via your back door or window
  • if you are in your back Garden, shut your front windows
  • if you have side access, fit a gate (and lock it)
  • if you are away, ask a neighbour to turn lights on/off, deal with your post/rubbish/recycling etc
  • don't leave your car keys out in an obvious place (some burglaries are just to get your car keys !)
  • consider having a burglar alarm installed
  • fit PIR lighting around your property
  • be Vigilant !
  • become a member or start a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Police Non Emergency Contact No:- 0300 1231212 or 101 (see below)
All Emergencies Dial: 999

101 will be adopted by every police force in England and Wales as their non-emergency number. It will provide the public with one easy to remember number wherever they are in the country. While 999 is a well-recognised number used to report emergencies, the 2010 British Crime Survey found that only 54% of the public know how to contact their local police if they want to talk to them about policing, crime or anti-social behaviour. The introduction of the 101 number will help communities to keep their neighbourhoods safe by giving them one easy way to contact their local police force to report non emergency crime and disorder or to speak to their local officers. Calls to 101 will cost 15 pence per call, no matter how long you are on the phone – this applies to both landlines and mobile phones.

The Local Community Police Officers can be contacted on 020 8721 2473 or 07920 233886, by email or visit their website

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