Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park


Local residents have formed the Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park to help make the park a place that residents will enjoy using. In August there was a highly successful launch afternoon where a number of residents of all ages did tasks like clearing away rampant plants to give others a better chance. In July and August , at least 47 different flowers and fruit were identified in the park. In October they met again to sow seeds in the coal yard, plant bulbs in the grassy banks, saw up the felled sycamores and clear scrub at the Black Jack (apple tree) triangle entrance.

The AGM was held on Sunday 22nd February. A copy of the Minutes can be downloaded using the link below.

Our next work day is this next Sunday 8th March and we will be in the park between 2pm and 5pm.
We normally meet up in the northern half of the park near the school exit.

There are various tasks that need to be undertaken and volunteers are welcome to choose the best task to suit their abilities or interests.

Richard Ogden
Treasurer for The Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park

We have added photographs of recent events on the following pages.
Status of the park in spring 2013
Flowers spotted in June
Recent event photographs from May and June 2013

You can read the latest newsletter on the web site at
a copy is also attached.

There are more pictures of our previous events on the web site at


If you are interested in joining this group please email .


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