Local Clubs

Sir Philip Game Centre
  38 Morland Avenue, CR0 6EA

For information on the activities available, please visit:- www.spgcentre.co.uk/  or call 020 8662 5752

Clyde Hall was built in 1886 and was originally used as a Baptist church. It is, at present, undergoing refurbishment, but is used for community and arts events.

You can find various different groups using this venue such as church groups, music rehearsals for Surrey Opera. Over the last few years it has also been hired out for meetings, music events, used as a film studio, a rehearsal venue for a show, and used as a workshop for making scenery!

You will currently find Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions held at Clyde Hall by a local therapist and, from September 2013 onwards there will be Angelic Reiki and training/ teaching support groups for healers and therapists. There will also be Slimming World classes happening from September onwards.

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