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Chase Residents needs you !


We need a reps for Sundridge and Dalmally Roads

Becoming a street representative (and committee member) is very easy and not very time consuming. The committee meets on the first Monday of each month (excluding Bank Holidays) for a couple of hours and there will be some involvement in planning and running 2 or 3 events and delivering newsletters twice a year – you don’t even have to live in the particular road  to represent it. The reward is knowing that you can help people, offer a point of contact for the residents in the street, and make your environment and community better.

If you are interested and want to find out more, email Don Bates, our Chairman.

Need to report Fly tipping, pot holes, an abandoned vehicle or graffiti ?

There's a new app - download 'My Croydon' and do it easily & on the move. Available for Andriod & Apple devices at

Localism Act - Impact within Greater London, Croydon and Addiscombe



The Group of local Residents' Associations have been asked to comment (and agree) Croydon Council's proposals for detailed planning policies. Similar exercises are taking place across the borough which has been split into 16 "Places".

Residents, Business and local organisations are invited to comment during a six week period starting 25th October 2013. You can comment as a resident but Chase, as your Resident Association also want to know your thoughts so we can reflect local opinion so please let us know

Planning is critical to ensuring that Croydon meets the needs of its residents, business community and visitors. The Croydon Local Plan sets out the strategy, sites and planning policies necessary to meet these needs in the short term and over the next 20 years. No area in Croydon has set up a Neighbourhood Forum and the Council are suggesting that local residents would find that route complicated, expensive and very time consuming. Neighbourhood Plans have been generated in both Woldingham and CR3 (Caterham/Chaldon/Whyteleafe) which are under Tandridge District Council. See: Tandridge Neigbourhood Planning

The Localism Act has generated this very large piece of National planning laid out in the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012.     See: Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012

The London-wide plan has been published and this impacts on Croydon's plans: 
See: The London Plan

 The Croydon Strategic Policies were adopted on 23 April 2013. The South London Waste Plan was adopted in 2012. The Croydon Local Plan - Detailed Policies and Proposals (CLPDPP) will be open for public consultation from 25th October to 6th December 2013. 

More information is available on the council website: 

Neighbourhood Planning        Croydon's Local Plan

Council Report        Croydon Opportunity Area Planning Framework

       Detailed Policies

 The CLPDPP will assist the regeneration of the borough through the setting of firm planning framework that will provide certainty to the community and developers. It will also enable the compulsory purchasing of sites needed to bring forward new development in Croydon. It will then be subject to independent examination by a Planning Inspector. A further round of consultation is scheduled for summer 2014. During 2015 work will continue towards an independent examination before final adoption by the council in summer 2016.

The relevant documents are already available on the Council website: 
Background Paper 1 
appendix 9 
appendix 10 
appendix 11 

Other Documents:
 Main Reportappendix 1

appendix 2

appendix 3

appendix 4

appendix 5

Background Appendices 1 to 5

Background Appendix 6

Background Appendix 7

Background Appendix 8

Background Paper 2

Appendix to Background Paper 2

It is expected that these documents will be available at all Croydon Libraries and the new Council Offices "Bernard Weatheril House".

Compulsory Recycling

recycling_revolutionFrom 1 January 2013, Croydon Council is making it compulsory for many people in our two roads to recycle everything that can be recycled. The compulsory recycling will apply to people living in complete houses, houses converted into up to five flats and purpose built blocks of up to five flats.

The Council says its primary aim is to educate people to recycle rather than punish them. The procedure is that the Council will give warnings to households that do not recycle then monitor the situation for nine weeks. If a household continues not to recycle, a Fixed Penalty Notice (i.e. fine) of £80 will be issued. There will be a level of discretion to ensure vulnerable, very elderly and disabled residents are not unfairly affected.

recyclingWhat happens in conversions and blocks where some households recycle but others do not? ‘We appreciate that waste and recycling arrangements are not always straightforward in converted properties and the team will be managed to ensure that where residents have legitimate barriers and problems these are looked into and a collaborative approach used in delivering solutions. Measures such as these will ensure that residents aren’t unfairly penalised or held responsible for the actions of their neighbours.’ ‘We will be encouraging them (residents) to label their bins which will enable the team to easily identify which properties are recycling and which are not.’ (TB)

What happens when people walking up our road chuck their rubbish in our bins? ‘We also appreciate that in some instances members of the public will deposit waste in household bins as they walk down the road, although we don’t think this should affect the implementation of the policy.’ (TB)

What happens when people make genuine mistakes about what they can put in a recycling bin? ‘We understand that residents do get confused about what to put in each box and this policy does not intend to penalise mistakes of this nature.’ (TB)

For more information on recycling or if you need more recycling boxes see the Council’s website at or phone
020 8726 6000. 

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