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 The Night Caller Doorstep Scammer is back


A con artist from Croydon, who was described by a judge as 'utterly despicable', has been jailed for 15 months, after she committed a string of doorstep scams where she duped her victims into thinking that she had seriously ill family members and needed their help and money.  

She is now amongst us again - she recently targeted Clyde Road - don't let her rob you !

If you would like to see a photo of the lady in order to be forewarned - you can view it at the following website.

It is your choice if you inform the Police. If you wish to do so, you can contact the Addiscombe Safer Neighbourhood Team at

Sherene Simmons of Dalmally Road Croydon was sentenced on Wednesday 16 July, to 15 months imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court. 

She had previously pleaded guilty to 12 counts of fraud by false representation at Camberwell Magistrates' Court on 22 May and a further three offences were also taken into consideration by the judge at sentencing.

The scam involved Simmons turning up unexpectedly on her victims’ doorstep, often in the early hours of the morning, and asking for help and money in order to visit a sick relative at hospital. In one case, she claimed that her mother had suffered a heart attack and that she needed to borrow the money so that she and her family could get to the hospital and visit her.

Although her victims often doubted the story, they nevertheless gave Simmons the money, but always on the proviso that she would return and pay them back.

However, Simmons completely fabricated the stories and never returned to pay her victims back. In some cases, she even returned to the same victim asking for more money and help, telling them that her mother had suffered further illness or that she had died and that she urgently needed to get to the hospital again.

Simmons targeted victims in the Addiscombe, Ashburton, Croham and Shirley areas and the amount of money she conned out of her victims varied, but was typically around £40-£60 in cash each time.

The first of the reports came into police during March and following the initial reports, detectives from Croydon CID carried out substantial enquiries to identify, locate and arrest Simmons. She was eventually located and arrested by police on Monday 19 May and was charged the following day with 12 counts of fraud by false representation.

Detective Constable Scott Barefoot, from Croydon CID, who investigated the case said:

"Simmons preyed on the goodwill of her victims to con them out of money, when they thought she was in real need. The judge described her crimes as ‘utterly despicable’ and it is an apt description of what she has done. I hope the fact that she will now be behind bars for a significant amount of time will give her victims some comfort."

For more advice and information on how to avoid falling victim to fraudsters and scams visit the crime prevention pages on the Met Police website:

An incident on the 9th Feb in Canning Road:
There was a ring on one of the doorbells to a house converted into flats. One of the residents was at home but was slightly slow to get to the door. As he approached the door, he could hear metallic tampering sounds with the lock. He opened the front door to find a young man there who said 'Sorry' and scarpered. The resident closed the door but opened it about ten seconds later to see the same man walking down the entrance to a block of flats.

The man was in is late twenties / early thirties. He was tall and slender. He had not particularly long dreadlocks tied back with a scarf.


Fly-tippers, a prime target of the council’s Don’t mess with Croydon campaign; have a further reason to feel that the borough is not the place to carry out their criminal activities.

As part of a coordinated approach to tackle the issues of fly-tipping and rogue traders, Croydon Council’s trading standards team is alerting residents to the fact that choices they make can help combat both issues, protecting themselves and their communities from the blight that these incidents can cause.

See:    for more information.


 Look out for cold calling gardening services that are currently targeting older people in the Borough.  Reports have been received of rogues offering services including fencing, tree surgery work and patio/driveways works all at seemingly bargain prices which have turned out not only poor quality results but often unfinished work and extortionate prices.  


We have been made aware that some NHW Meerkat street signs are not being put up or being put up incorrectly across the borough when the new lamp posts are being installed.

 If you notice this or have any other issues relating to the new street lights that are soon to be installed, please contact your Chase Street Rep and Skanska directly regarding this problem:


A N/W member in Addiscombe has reported being approach by two men, with Irish accents, dressed in navy blue, as she parked her car.  The pavements were being replaced in the road and the two men claimed that the drilling work had weakened the wall at the front of her house.  They could re-point the wall to make it safe.  They implied that they were part of the gang replacing the pavement but that the householder would need to pay them for the repairs.

When the householder approached the workmen replacing the pavement they confirmed that the two men were nothing to do with them and their claim that the wall was unsafe was not true.  Please be aware, this scam may be tried again in the Croydon area.

Muggers and burglars are operating in our area !

Recently, properties in Addiscombe Avenue and Dalmally Road have been burgled. Break in time somewhere between 4.30 to 8.30 pm on a Saturday and on one occasion at least gained access through the front – Porch & front door, so hardly subtle.

Please be aware and with warmer weather coming soon (hopefully), don’t leave windows or doors open when you are not in attendance and lock both front and porch doors when going out, even for a short while (its double the trouble for them to get through)!

Please be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour !

There has been a recent increase in fraud occurring on Croydon borough whereby elderly residents are contacted on the telephone by a person pretending to be a police officer informing them that their cards have been used in fraud. The suspect then asks the victim for their bank details and pin number and state that a courier car will be with them shortly to collect the cards. On several occasions a car has arrived at the address and the cards have been taken.

Should anyone had seen anything suspicious please encourage them to contact Police on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111

Recently, a young man called to say that scaffolding was about to be erected at the back of a neighbour's house in Highbarrow Road, to enable work to be done on a party wall.  The man claimed that the work was to be done in the loft and that he was under pressure from the builder, Mr. Adams of Adams Building Services to erect the scaffolding immediately.  I asked for Mr. Adams' phone number but instead he took my name and phone number so that Mr. Adams could phone me. Mr. Adams phoned me on a mobile number and claimed that the roof was being removed to enable water-soaked beams to be replaced and a special machine was being hired to put a brace on the party wall for my benefit to prevent water coming into my loft and possibly causing my ceilings to collapse.  Mr. Adams said that they would replace the ceilings but I would have to provide £2,000 immediately as a deposit on the machine which would be refunded on Friday.  Mr. Adams became very agitated when asked for his phone number and asked who would be phoning him.  Eventually he gave an 020 number.  I spoke to a neighbour then tried to phone Mr. Adams but both his mobile number and land line were unobtainable numbers and no planning application had been made. 

Please report any such requests through this site or directly to Addiscombe's SNT

The Council have now confirmed that you are not allowed to park obstructing a dropped kerb without the consent of the owner or occupier of the property that it serves. Obstructing a dropped kerb without this consent may lead to your vehicle being towed away.

Every fraud, no matter what scale, is important. Call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040

The advice of Chase Residents is to beware ! - please research before you buy !!

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