Addiscombe SNT Ward Panel

Addiscombe SNT Ward Panel is one of 23 ward panels - one for each ward - across Croydon Borough:

Each ward within your borough has a dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and an advisory panel made up of members of the community who live or work within that ward. This panel meets regularly to discuss the concerns facing the local community around crime and anti-social behaviour, and sets the priorities the local police team will tackle. They also get involved in working with the police team and local partner agencies such as the council to find lasting solutions to these priorities.

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Useful link:       Safer Neighbourhoods

What they do:

The purposes of the Addiscombe SNT Ward Panel are the same as the other London Borough Ward Panels, which are to:

  • review crime in the ward
  • assess residents' views
  • advise the police
  • set key tasks in discussion with the police, and
  • monitor the police's progress in meeting/fulfilling the tasks

The ward panels are not involved with individual crimes, cases or victims.

The Addiscombe SNT Ward Panel has a written constitution - this expressly limits its role to policing matters within and relating to the ward and its residents (and businesses). Therefore, for example, it has no remit to review or advise on any sentencing by magistrates or the crown court related to any crime in Addiscombe. The Panel conducts regular approximately quarterly meetings to discuss and agree key tasks with the police. It achieves the above objectives through a review of recent Crime Figures, setting the Key Tasks, agreeing actions with the SNT and producing meeting minutes. They also produce additional reports, as may be required.

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